Residents transport a man wounded in fighting between Somali government forces, backed by AU troops, and Islamist militants in MogadishuBy Abdi Sheikh MOGADISHU (Reuters) – African peacekeepers and Somali troops battled militants in a suburb of Mogadishu on Friday, launching a joint offensive that killed at least 14 people, police said. The attack was part of an armed campaign by government forces and African Union peacekeepers in response to a recent surge in gun and bomb attacks in Mogadishu by militias, primarily the al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab group. The government’s aim is to secure the city,” Major Abdullahi Farah, a senior police officer, told Reuters. It was not clear if the militants targeted on Friday were members of al Shabaab, but Farah said the group was colluding with other militia groups in the city.